Tiwaz's Emissaries is a Dark Age of Camelot guild. We play on the European Excalibur server, Midgard realm.
We value respect for our fellow players highly, therefore we have certain guidelines that our members are expected to follow (see our rules page).

Currently we have 7 different Ranks within our guild:

These people are the day-to-day leaders of the guild. Amongst them are the "founding fathers" of the guild, as well as people that were promoted on merit. Focus of their duties lies on both internal guild matters of all kinds as well as relations with other guilds.

Huscarl is the junior officer rank. While they have virtually the same responsibilities and privileges as the Jarls, their focus lies more towards internal guild matters. This means that conflicts between different guilds and members of different guilds will be handled by a Jarl when possible. Huscarls are however fully qualified to handle these situations should no Jarl be available.

The Officers (Jarls and Huscarls):
With the burden of being an officer, there are some benefits, the officer channel, some prestige, and the alliance channel. However, with the privileges also come some responsibilities. The officers of the guild are supposed to the governing body of the guild. They advise on, and suggest policy changes. Aid with the guild, both as a unit and down to the individual level. Helping where they can, or where they are asked. Please donít be scared to ask them a question on something you donít know, most are very experienced with the game, many playing for over a year. I hope that you have confidence in them, that they can represent you when needed, or represent us to the outside world. With the officer channel, which is private, they can share multiple viewpoints on any matter, and come out with a fair decision on anything you wish to test their ground at.

The criers of the guild are the honored members of the guild. They gain their rank by showing the officer body their devotion to the guild, and concern for others. All have the prospectus of becoming an officer one day. With this privilege comes a little responsibility. They have invite privileges. This means they can invite your friends, brothers and alts into the guild. They must get the information required, and relay onto the appropriate members of the guild, regarding the new Runner. Once invited, they have the opportunity to shine, by taking on one of the officer's jobs, that of rearing the young. Helping where a normal officer would. When they do this, they get ever closer to gaining the officer promotion.

Battle Herald:
These people have proved themselves on the RvR battlefield and have attained Realm Rank 3 (and be of Emissary rank already). With the rank come alliance chat hear and speak privileges to be able to reach a large number of people when needed. Alts of people with this rank will be promoted to Herald, with the exception of level 50 (or RR3) alts who will be also be promoted to the rank of Battle Herald.

Once an Emissary reaches level 40 he will be promoted to the rank of Herald, which grants access to alliance chat (hear only). This is also the alt rank of anyone that has an existing Herald or Battle Herald (unless the alt qualifies for Battle Herald rank, see above).

An Emissary is the basic full fledged member of the guild. All runners should strive to achieve this rank, if not greater. It is not hard to get the rank, but requires a little patience, and a little devotion the guild. With the rank comes wearing our beautiful emblem, access to our guild vault, as well as member forum access. However, every privilege comes with a price, though this be small. All that is expected of people is to be kind and courteous to others. In groups to be helpful, not greedy, kind and fair (see our rules page). You can wear the emblem from level 20 and up, or 400 trade skill.
You need to be level 10 to be promoted to this rank. The promotion procedure can be found here.

Runners are the new people in town. Everyone should try to help them whenever they ask for it. However, they should not expect any powerleveling or item donations, rather time and care. Give them tips on where to hunt, where to find things, many are new to the game.
Runners should try to get promoted to Emissary as soon as possible to become a full member.

Officer ranks

Recently we instigated the officer rank system. This is to enable everyone to better understand what an officer does, and enable some formal structure to be installed. Not all officers have these jobs, and while these people are directly responsible for their respective spheres, this is only a formal recognition of what all officers are doing for you.
As said earlier, each job only represents one of the many spheres of guild life, if you have a problem, and the person in charge is not around, ask another officer, as they should be able to help you.

Guildmaster - Thorarin (thorarintiwaz DOT org):
In charge of the officers, should you have any problems, feel free to contact him, whether it be external, internal, or anything else that you can think of. He is also responsible for cross guild relations, alliance matters, and the person to contact if you have a problem with someone else, but don't know who to talk to.

Webmaster - Thorarin (thorarintiwaz DOT org):
This person is in charge of the website, please contact him if you need a picture adding to the gallery, or any other webpage related matters.

RvR officer - Position currently vacant:
This is the officer in charge of the RvR sphere of the game, organising RvR hunts, keep takes, and other RvR related issues. Because this is such a large sphere of guild life, if you want a hunt, try to organise it yourself, or ask an officer for some help. He is also in charge of the guild keep, if there is any.

Master of the hunt - Position currently vacant:
This person is in charge of guild hunts. While being mostly responsible for PvE hunts, he has the qualities to lead RvR hunts as well. Should you want to go kill an epic mob, explore a zone, or any other hunt that requires a fairly high number of high level players, please contact him.

Guild Nanny - Jerelyn (ditte DOT solsoegmail DOT com):
Jerelyn is responsible for the guilds recruits, aiding them where she can. If you have a question, or need help please contact her, the information for promotion is located on the website, please consult there first.

Crafting officer - Shaniah:
Shaniah is in charge of crafting, while she won't give handouts, if you have a question related to this field of guild life, please do not hesitate to contact her.

Thorarin (thorarintiwaz DOT org), Guildmaster of Tiwaz's Emissaries