Guild house rules and procedures:

Apart from the general guild rules, there are a couple of house rules that visitors are expected to adhere to. They follow below, along with some useful hints about the guild house usage.


The main guildhouse is located in Erikstaad, in the town of Uldale (nr. 5), lot #1688. Also open for guild members are two personal houses right next to it. Shaniah's house on nr. 6 (lot #1689), and Thorarin's villa on nr. 4 (lot #1690).
To reach the guild house, you can port there from Aegirhamn or Svasud Faste using a guild hearth scroll or necklace, or you can visit Erikstaad through the entrance just east of Mularn. The guild house is almost dead ahead (east) upon entering, you can use the /houseface <lot number> at any time in the housing zone to automatically face the lot number you're looking for.

Internal and external decoration

For those that have access to change decoration: keep in mind that some setups take quite a while to get just right, so don't rush into removing things unless you think you'll be able to make it better.
Oh, and of course you're not supposed to run off with the furniture for your own gain ;)

Guild vaults

There are a couple of different guild vaults (the first one is furthest from the stairs up out of the basement, and so on):

Consignment merchant

Until version 1.64 goes live, only GMs have direct access to the guild's Consignment Merchant. Therefore, if you want to sell some items of yours, go to the second guild vault and put your items in there. Then contact the GM, mentioning the items you placed in the vault, and the price you want to try and sell them for. Note that members cannot take items out of this vault once placed, except for officers.

Once the items are in the consignment merchant window, you can keep track of sales yourself. Once you've sold something, you can collect your earned money at earliest convenience.

House rent

Until we can pay guild house rent using Guild Bounty Points in 1.64, donations for house rent are welcome. The rent is 2p per real life week. Alternatively rent can be payed with personal Bounty Points, but it only works for GM characters, so if you want to donate some BPs for rent, it will require some fiddling.
Since I'm the paranoid type, you will have to share your game password so I can log in your character to make the actual donation. I'll consider a cash compensation for this kind of donation, at 1g per 2 BPs donated. Limited offer :)

Another note on the due rent: if you happen to notice the rent isn't payed for at least 1 week in advance, notify one of the (apparently sleeping) officers :)

Teleporters, Healers, etc.

The guild house itself is only equipped with an Aegirhamn teleporter and a Healer, both on the ground floor. Unfortunately there's only a limited amount of hookpoints, which is why not all the teleporters are in the guild house. If you want to port to Svasud Faste directly, you can use the teleporter in Shaniah's house that's right next to the guild house on the west side. If you want to port to Jordheim, visit Thorarin's villa 10 meters to the east side instead ;)
In 1.64 the Aegirhamn and Svasud Faste teleporter will be combined to lessen this problem a little bit.

Crafting and material merchants

There are several merchants and crafting tools available, but unfortunately there are way more merchants than there are hookpoints.
The current layout is as follows:

First floor: Forge, Grandmaster Merchant
Second floor: Lathe (sponsored by Ambush), Apprentice Merchant
Second floor: Alchemy table (sponsored by Felis), Transmuting Merchant

Notable absences are the Spellcrafting merchant and some more specialized Alchemy merchants. There is an alchemy table with Incantation merchant in Shaniah's house though. Hopefully Mythic will at some point realise that a Mansion is expensive enough that it should be able to have all the crafting merchants...


Thorarin, GM of Tiwaz's Emissaries.