Links & Downloads
On-site resources:
Realm Ranks listing
Official DAoC Europe site
DAoC Europe Chronicles (game related news and resources for players) DAoC site (You now have to pay for parts of this site.)
Camelot Warcry (good quest database amongst other things)
DAoC Catacombs (nice character builder and lots of other stuff)
La Librairie (good item database for Midgard)
Vision of Sages TOA info (Artifact and ML info, mirror)
DAoC Tradeskills (lots of crafting info)
Tradeskill worksheet (MS Excel) (updated version, original by Keltor)
Kort's Spellcrafting Calculator (utility to plan your plan your character's equipment, with ToA item support)
Motog's Door Repairs and Upgrade Calculator
Realm Abilities Calculator (New Frontiers)
Prissy's Guide to Alchemy
DAoC Trophy Mobs (lists available trophies)
Kirstena's DAoC Atlas (maps with monster names)
Morning Star ToA maps (detailed maps of the ToA zones)
DAoC Mapper GUI (create your own maps)
Camelot Seer (lots of statistics)
Duskwave DAoC (another statistics site)
Red Shadows Alliance forum (our current Alliance)
LFoM Alliance forum (the other alliance)
FreddysHouse DAoC forums (BarrysWorld replacement)
DAoC TL reports (VNBoards)
Aesir's Blade
The Dark Disciples
Defiance (ex Yggdrasil's Spirit / Veni Vidi Vicious)
Fellowship Of Midgard
Legends of Midgard
Nolby Pride
Rabid Badgers
Realm Defenders
Red Shadows
The Dark Alliance
White Rose
Direct downloads:
WinKey Killer 1.7 (15 kB) Disables your Windows keys, useful for many games and DAoC in particular..
Leladia's SC Equipment Configurator (852 kB) Nice utility to plan your entire spellcrafted gear, version 2.00, including VCL libraries (website)
DAoC Launcher (68 kB) Small program to quickly launch Shrouded Isles or above in either Windowed or Full-screen mode (website)
Other stuff:
mIRC The most commonly used IRC client. Visit our guild channel on Quakenet :)
QAuth A mIRC script I wrote to allow for easy Q authentication and channel joining.