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February 28th, 2016 by Thorarin (thorarintiwaz DOT org) - Site and e-mail moved

Hi peeps!

I'm currently in the works of moving away from the hosting provider that I started using a when this site was first created. On account of my nostalgia, the site has been moved over to a new location.

In the unlikely case you are still using an e-mail address on this domain, mail forwards should continue to work. A few people had a mailbox, and I've created new mailboxes for those just in case. Contact me if you want to access the new mailbox or if you run into problems.

December 8th, 2015 by Jerelyn (ditte DOT solsoegmail DOT com) - 10 years

Hi all,

10 years since the last message! How are you all? :)

All the best,

November 27th, 2005 by Jerelyn (ditte DOT solsoegmail DOT com) - Merge with Red Shadows official

So, i guess most of you already know, either from me, Thorarin or Tiste.
Tiwaz has been low on members and active chars for quite some time by now.

So we, the officers of Tiwaz has decided to "close down" Tiwaz's Emissaries, and merge our proud and beloved guild with the ranks of Red Shadows.

We truly believe that this choise of guild will be the best, as Red Shadows share many of the original views and goals of Tiwaz. However, if you desire to join another guild you're welcome to do so. We don't expect everyone to follow, but we've worked to get everyone an invite from the Red Shadows. Just contact a Red Shadows officer ingame and they will tell you their procedure of invitation. :)

Tiwaz is still open, should you want to stay, but the guild will eventually be pulled out of the Red Shadows alliance, and become an alt guild.

All of the best to everyone of you :) I cincerely hope you will still be able to enjoy the game :)

Love Jerelyn

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