Join our Guild

If you'd like to join our Guild, the easiest way would be to find one of our Officers online and ask him/her for a guild invite.

There is a procedure for inviting, which you may find useful:

On invitation the guild, the officer who is inviting, will take your email address, and will direct you to our site. When the officer logs off, they MUST add the details to the database on the site, and get the password sent off. If a crier invites, they must pass the information onto an officer, via email, or otherwise. And check that the recruit has been added. Once invited, you have that officer as your 'pastor' they will help you where they can. Probably not in material gifts, etc. but more of where to find things out about the world. The guild, and the promotion procedure. And anything that you want of them, they should try to aid you. However, they are not your slave, they want to play as much as you do, so bear that in mind. If your inviter isn't online, ask for another officer, or on the guild chan, I'm sure there is someone to help. When invited, your next task is to get promoted to the emissary rank.

Note: if you haven't received any password within a couple of days after joining, send an e-mail to thorarintiwaz DOT org and I'll try to sort it out. Be sure to include your character name(s) and any info that could help (when you joined, who invited you, etc.)


On inviting, or soon after, the officer must brief the runner on the promotion procedure, or at least where to find out more about it. We donít want any more Metatrons, or Wrathofsaurons.

For a list of Officers, see our Members section. On the public forum you'll find the promotion procedure for Runners.