If you are having problems logging in..

Q: I get a message saying "Error logging in, check login and password" when I try to log in
A: Make sure your username and password match the ones sent to you by e-mail.
The username is not case sensitive, but the password is, so make sure you don't have Caps Lock enabled when typing the password.
Also, the double quotes (") in the e-mail are not part of the password.
If you've forgotten your password, you can request it here, provided the e-mail address you provided is still valid. If this doesn't help, send e-mail to webmaster@tiwaz.org with your problem.
Q: I've entered my login and password correctly, but I'm still not logged in
A: First of all, make sure Cookies are enabled in your browser (for IE: Tools - Internet Options - Privacy). If you haven't disabled cookies in your browser, your ISP might be using some kind of proxy that doesn't support the default way to set cookies.

To help solve problems, try this diagnostics page. If the process determines you need an alternate login method, it will enable this method permanently for your account.

Q: I've tried all this, but I still can't log in!
A: Something strange is going on. Drop me a note on webmaster@tiwaz.org and I'll see what I can do to solve your problem.

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