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Thread started by Kindar New Messages  

2005-02-10 21:18:41  -  WoWzor Guild Names
Lets face it...we have quite a few thats going to play on WoW, so im kinda sure we would make a guild? ^^

Anyway..we need a name for it. Any ideas? Since it ain´t a midgard world, Tyr kinda don´t exist...yet the name Tyr´s Handful did come up a few times :-)

I got a few ideas:
Crusaders of (add anything that sounds Allianceish)
Protectors of (-----)
"Name" Emissaries (of course we wanna try this one, yet im not sure regarding what character. Might wanna check through the WC3 story ^^)
Nomads of Lodaeron
Society of Peace

Don´t flame me..just throwed em out quickly. Might give some other people a few ideas ^^
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2005-02-17 14:31:46  -  Re: WoWzor Guild Names
On what server are you all playing ?!?!
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2005-02-17 16:15:36  -  Re: WoWzor Guild Names
Daniel wrote:
"On what server are you all playing ?!?!"


2005-02-21 14:52:07  -  Re: WoWzor Guild Names
yooo all....my username seems to unwork at this computer so i made a new one... im going to play as Orc at the same server as my irl friend Illola Tier from the old Carnie Folk... and im gonna be Big and greeen...
*plays orc* me oorkh you cute meat package giv me beer or you be lunch. me might oorkh me killa everyone...lool....
dont know what server he plays on but hes undead for shure,,,both irl and in WoW,,,,,*hugs every one*