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Thread started by Tiste New Messages  

2005-01-25 09:46:14  -  Who
is still playing been on the last week or so and not seen a single tiwaz is this due to anon or ????
playing a warrior +bb and my sm in bg abit ... so cant chat akk that much in /Gu ... is there anyone still active from tiwaz or is it only me....

not even the boards seems that visited either tbh

not really sure yet but been looking around .. been talking to spoke alot lately and if bad comes to worse i think ill have to leave tiwaz .. at least until the lot of u get it into ur luvly heads that WoW is realy inferior to DAOC =D=D=D=D well gl gaming all and i hope that Tiwaz will arise again to kick some hibbie/albie behinD=)
I drive fast, I turn fast, I do everything fast. I even break fast. I tend to confuse people with my sudden changes of heart. Sometimes I even confuse myself, which tends to cause problems.

2005-01-25 13:32:05  -  Re: Who
Advice..leave :-/

Im not active anymore...alot went inactive even before WoW beta was out. Dunno why..sunddenly they were all gone. Shaniah was always partly busy irl..i think, else she got one of Graav´s closed accounts to beta.

Thorarin was smoking Skeggis weed all the time, so he had a headache and could never play daoc :-P

Gama...i just think she got lost some place. Came back and annoyed me withadvice about Dota >_<

Archeon always had trouble with his inet, or at least he told. Dunno what that git does irl except playing with Paint :-P

Ralgedi went off early too, not quite sure why :-)

Where did Gurbe hide? He cba to log in unless there was a rvr raid in progress :-P

Mostly just in the end there was a few Tiwaz playing including me and Horned. Lonely i tell ya, but i farmed a little rps to my ultimate goal towards rr5. Never happend :-(

Now im playing WoW. Subs ran out 14th January and doub tim gonna renew it. ll check FH once in a while to see about any improvements are gonna happen to make Daoc better.
Doubt Catacombs will help any...just extra overpowered falvour to be added -_-
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2005-01-25 13:51:40  -  Re: Who
hmm quess there realy is not much choise then...

put in an aplikation for nazgul with my new chars Karsa Warr and Zendrik Spirit master .. not quite ready to leave daoc tbh .. and ill only drop if Daoc numbers fall like hell ... quess we will see after WoW release + Cata

pity i loved tiwaz was the only guildie that i ever really felt like i was a part of ....

so if ur in the vicinety Pm me and we can see if we can find something fun too do otherwise might be out in WoW abit

but i like daoc hope something fun happens soon ... gonna check out WoW PvP but if it stinks im back too daoc ....
i kinda like grinding in some s/m kind of way .. its son irritating losing xp so its horrible but getting to 50 and knowing that u cant ever lose xp again make me so happy=P=P

something like running around in thid with my Warr i get killed 20-1 for every rp but every rp is worth so much more .. not like my Sm at all im more like 1-5 for every rp witch kinda sux=P=P
I drive fast, I turn fast, I do everything fast. I even break fast. I tend to confuse people with my sudden changes of heart. Sometimes I even confuse myself, which tends to cause problems.

2005-02-05 02:54:16  -  Re: Who
I can't really blame you :<
I've been (and am) online, even if Kindar claims I'm not ;)
But when I'm around it's not often other people are, which causes me to log relatively quickly since I mostly play an online game for the community anyway.

The last several days I've been busy playing WoW more than DAoC, but frankly it's already a bit boring sometimes.. I suppose I'll play it to give it an honest chance, but I can't say much about it beyond that.