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Thread started by Skeggi New Messages  

2004-12-28 12:51:51  -  Hey guys
As you might have noticed, I'm not very active in game atm. This is because of multiple reasons. First reason is I think the alliance sucks and Ardamel is a basketcase. Second reason is, partially because of the first reason, I lost interest in the game. And finally, -this was after i quit, but still- they only suspended radar users and given them a warning. They should have banned them, that would bring me back. But I guess they don´t want whine-ass me, who can blame em 8)

I play D2 atm, perhaps Ill play WoW someday, not sure tho, since I still have the feeling it lacks something.
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2004-12-29 16:55:45  -  Re: Hey guys
Imo QQ more SirQQalot! :-P

Yeah, sucks they can´t ban the radar users. Then again..never been victim to anyone using it. At least nothing that looked suspicious.

Don´t think the alliance sucks, and nothings wrong with Ardamel either. I guess your thinking regarding the /as abuse during the start of NF. Well..that part is over. Less action about keep taking atm.

And stop D2 mkay? Thor will prolly just QQ about it, since its overpowered and everything :-P
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2004-12-29 16:56:20  -  Re: Hey guys
Well we miss u ingame m8 ..! infact we miss alot of people in thise times ,, been few online thise last days only othere people i meet is elme and kindar and 1 time storka ... thats not meny guildys online most of times im only one online ...! thats sucks tho no guildys to talk to ......!
but hope u come online again soon if not well have fun :))

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2005-01-05 12:18:40  -  Re: Hey guys
Yep you gonna have to drag me away screaming and kicking... gonna poke falldorn into playing more again soon ;-)

2005-01-06 15:36:39  -  Re: Hey guys
I want to play more - its just boring whenever I try. RvR takes ages and you seem to go nowhere - my chars suck bigtime if I solo anything - and leveling is just plain boring.

Hope I find interest again sometime. Spend too much time in daoc to just stop :)

2005-01-13 02:26:04  -  Re: Hey guys
I have the same problem currently :(
I want to finish ML9 and 10 on Tordek, but no such raids..

Butuhm, anyone wants to do some new and 'improved' artifact levelling I probably have some character that has something to level there as well :)

2005-01-13 17:30:35  -  Re: Hey guys
why are there "" at the start and at the end ov Improved? =PPP
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2005-01-13 23:26:16  -  Re: Hey guys
Levelling has been made easier, but imo it makes less sense :)
Like how you used to have to kill giants for Cycloptic Shield, but now you need to kill some mobs in some random zone.

2005-01-17 08:42:14  -  Re: Hey guys
don't that suck? now every one runs around with thouse things...damn daoc is getting hard times in the cash category i guess
I will shit in my pants if you are going to steal them from me.