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Thread started by Kindar New Messages  

2004-11-25 19:58:39  -  New "Dodens" Raid
Last week we came up with the idea to make a raid into the new Dodens. Alot of new items have been added, and it offers good xp to artifacts ^^

Any suggestions on when we should held one? :-)
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2004-11-26 02:05:09  -  Re: New "Dodens" Raid
I would like to check out the Passage of Conflict a bit myself, but I'm still trying to get Maddening Scalars credit for Thorarin. I hate to do double work when it comes to artifact levelling :P

2004-11-26 13:53:07  -  Re: New "Dodens" Raid
Sounds like fun :D

Wish I had more time to play, but RL seems to keep me busy atm :-(

2004-12-01 18:34:14  -  Re: New "Dodens" Raid
dodens is dangerous....
i and a full grp of mighty mids got raped by a eldritch dude.......and we where lvl 40-48 if i remember right...and i wasnt fun..i had to stay at zhe hospital for 2days...
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2004-12-05 20:13:15  -  Re: New "Dodens" Raid
Just had my first run downthere... REAL nice i must say... nice drops too.

Too bad lag is messing it up... Vent LD 3 times over 45 min :S