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Thread started by Grinna New Messages  

2004-11-24 19:43:49  -  Ventrillo
I tried entering your ventrilo servers
The first, i couldnt connect to, and the second (the one in NL), there was only like two ppl in, and they werent in the tiwaz channel (guess they werent from tiwaz:))

Are you ever using it?

2004-11-24 21:07:21  -  Re: Ventrillo
On occasion, but not much :p
PS: the NL one is the one we normally use since it lags less ;)
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2004-11-24 22:47:46  -  Re: Ventrillo
k:) ill try connecting now and then, to see if you are on:P

2004-11-25 06:07:09  -  Re: Ventrillo
Never been there in ages, should prolly start it again ^^
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2004-11-26 21:00:24  -  Re: Ventrillo
you should^^