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Thread started by Khrin New Messages  

2004-10-05 11:47:20  -  Nosdoden must die
K thing is i really need hes head for my house so i hope u ppl wanna help me get it :)

The beast lives in Trollheim so i thought we get a good solid grp or 2 and go there kill all we can for arti xp, drops and salvage (and if u want cloak of the trollfathers i can make a questgrp before the hunt so u on Dagar-step). For Nosdoden we need preferably a grp with FoP, 2 Warrs, 2 healers, pbt and some dmgdealers. Other ppl can make a g2 and help hurt him but DONT catch aggro since its important he dosnt kill anyone.

If u wanna join the fun then pls post here what day/time thats good for u and i try sort it together.

Hope u wanna help me :)

2004-10-05 16:50:13  -  Re: Nosdoden must die
I would love to help, Nosdoden is one of the only pre-TOA mobs that I haven't taken down before, so it's high on my target list :)
I'm a mend/aug healer, no FoP yet though :/

2004-10-05 21:33:28  -  Re: Nosdoden must die
I cannot say in advance at what time I can come, but if I'm online at the time I'll go for it :D
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2004-10-06 10:07:53  -  Re: Nosdoden must die
Sure, nice opportunity to see more of Trollheim :)
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2004-10-06 10:10:56  -  Re: Nosdoden must die
hmmm any day later than 1700 is fine with me, weekends im ready from 0900 ;-)

2004-10-07 06:07:42  -  Re: Nosdoden must die
Hm lets see, someone said not weekend pls and next week Ketor works nightshift and i would like him as maintank so not next week but the week after that lets try get as many of us together as possible :)


2004-10-07 13:05:35  -  Re: Nosdoden must die
Sounds fun - seeing that I have no chars that would fit in the maingrp, I'll bring damage dealing in the second. Preferable Gwindel.

2004-10-07 18:37:52  -  Re: Nosdoden must die
Never been close to the mob, so im up for it. I got vacation for 1 week now ^^

Will bring my armored gimp of course :-)
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