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2004-10-01 09:50:54  -  Re: Nazgul / Tiwaz's Emissaries TG raid (2004-10-02)
Meril = trendsetter? :)

2004-10-02 13:05:44  -  Re: Nazgul / Tiwaz's Emissaries TG raid (2004-10-02)
Skeggi wrote:
"Kindar wrote:
"Kinda hope i can get Guthlacs shield and annoy Meril alot with it :-P"

Yeh, even tho he has it tho, the bastard overpayed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 2 much for the damn thing :D

Btw, since I read meril's post about that shield I've suddenly seen more warriors using it o.O"

He don´t have his own shield, Skeggi. He is lending it...from a guy named Nott i think. Asked him yesterday when he was on pad :-)

Reason many warriors use it, is due to being large..but its attack speed (slamming rate) is based as a small shield. Means you can slam more often :-)
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2004-10-02 15:45:35  -  Re: Nazgul / Tiwaz's Emissaries TG raid (2004-10-02)
wow ubah
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