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Thread started by Skeggi New Messages  

2004-07-09 17:17:50  -  TE ARTI RAID
Ok here's the deal, yestereday kindy and I were bouncing around in emain pwning all sorts of enemies, but there's one thing that's just NOT good. In fact it's a disgrace. And it's kindy's shield, it's U-G-L-Y! So I was wondering if you guys might be able to help him getting Shield of Khaos?

Shield of Khaos drops of Chief Creon an ubercent in green glades, 16k 41k. You'll need at least an FG for this with a couple of bb, and SM's would be nice because of adds.

Unfortunately, I can't come help myself. Yet. Because as I posted earlier, I'm going on a 4 week vacation. If I'm back and he still doesn't have the shield, I'll go organize some real TE artie raid! :D
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2004-07-09 20:49:10  -  Re: TE ARTI RAID
Aww...but i like my standard looking shield :-P

Would be nice with Khaos shield of course ^^
Maybe it is possible we can arrange something, and have Shan to log her SM?
I just think we lag bbs with fop and healing thing, or am i wrong?
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2004-07-12 06:46:07  -  Re: TE ARTI RAID
Well from thursdag the 15th i have a WHOLE month of gaming and stuff. GF is going to Jordan for a month!

So ill be glad to help out with anything! Tandgrisner hit level 44 so he is going straight for level 50 in the next 30 days :D

And for you n00b ignorants and Falldorn who i know, REALLY suck at the country stuff, heres a map.

Post Rape

Yes its just west of Iraq (which even falldorn have a clue where is) and South of syria.

This post was raped by Archeon
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2004-07-13 09:20:05  -  Re: TE ARTI RAID
Oi! I know where Jordan is you plick!

And who are you calling a n00b, you didnt even make the url clicky!
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2004-07-14 01:26:50  -  Re: TE ARTI RAID
Elme wrote:
"Yes its just west of Iraq (which even falldorn have a clue where is) and South of syria.
This post was raped by Archeon"

Such moderator powers abuse :P
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2004-07-14 09:50:06  -  Re: TE ARTI RAID
I love being able to abuse my power, its the only way I can get off these days ;)

2004-07-14 12:46:46  -  Re: TE ARTI RAID
Uhm dude, TMI :<<

2004-07-14 14:28:02  -  Re: TE ARTI RAID
Thorarin wrote:
"Uhm dude, TMI :<<"

Did I tell you about my oddly situated wart...


2004-07-22 10:52:27  -  Re: TE ARTI RAID
Sure.. im on holiday too though

I'll be home ín a few days i think, dont know if i leave for somewhere else...

But I'll check the post, and if im able to play, ill come