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2004-06-02 17:15:00  -  Jacina's Sash
Jacina's Sash:
After doing this encounter once I now have at least some understanding of how it's supposed to be done, and I think it would be possible for a guild group to do it, if we pick a date and time. The artifact in question is very nice for casters and seers (contrary to what VoS says it is usable them).

I've been planning to get one for Jydan, I believe Grinna is interested as well and possibly some other people. I believe we could do this with a guild group until the encounter is changed in 1.70. What we need:

3 Healer, at least one with PoC or higher.
2-3 Shaman, preferrably 1 actively played.
1 Suppression Runemaster, for reasons that will be obvious once Cyrek starts hitting you.
1-2 Warrior, to tank this guy.
2+ Damage dealing tank (3 if 1 warrior)

The group is fairly standard except for maybe pbt, and we can use all the damage we can get. Killing Cyrek involves kiting his adds, possibly pulling them all the way to Aerus Haven, which will be the job of the Shaman (since it has both AE spells and permasprint).

We could get this group together, for example:
Healers: Jydan / Grinna / Kilix
RM: Tao (1 extra level wouldn't hurt though^^)
Shield tanks(s): Apoptygma / Ketorgerhall / Shaniah / Tarrasque / Kindar if available / (Thorarin)
Light tanks: Aylene / Puritan / Khra / ...
Whatever extra damage: always helps 8)
Shamans: Thorunn / Lagspikes / Iricin / Amag

With the group being as it is, the only playing shammy likely to be available is Amag. No offense to Bovta, but this is a rather hard encounter and this particular job is pivotal to the success if this encounter, so we need as much play experience here as possible.

Okay, this might not sound too encouraging, but there's a good side to all this: the respawn timer appears to be very short. Once we get a group together we can do it a second time, maybe switching some roles around for encounter credit.
If all goes well it should take about half an hour to finish after leaving in Aerus Haven. Today some things went wrong (someone wasn't listening) and it required a lot of improvisation, so it took a little longer ;) By the time I got back to the encounter it was already up again.

So, what I would like to know is, who else would like to get this artifact and who would be willing to help out with this encounter.
Due to the nature of the group makeup I think we would have to pick a date for this, so it would be helpful to know who you can bring and when.

Of course, it might be possible to get outside help if we're missing a specific class, but it would be nice to do as a guild :)
If Archeon wants the belt as well, I might be able to get another pbt runie.
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2004-06-02 17:54:10  -  Re: Jacina's Sash
I suppose I can't come along as living Blade Turn? ;)

2004-06-02 18:24:56  -  Re: Jacina's Sash
Hmm, as Brittle Guard maybe, intercept one hit for someone before dying ;)

2004-06-02 21:43:00  -  Re: Jacina's Sash
Sure, I can come with amag... let me guess... kiting the adds that should come with the arti mob? :P

I can do:

anytime thursday+friday
saturday after ~7:20PM, sunday after ~6PM (GMT)
not sure about next week, but should be available most days (i'd want the belt for alorah btw, not amag, its a BG encounter i guess? :P)

2004-06-02 22:59:08  -  Re: Jacina's Sash
Can put me on, if we are doing it on Saturday evening...although im still not sure how the ML3 and ML2 raids will go...could end up in trouble :-P
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2004-06-03 15:39:49  -  Re: Jacina's Sash
Just yell upstairs if you need me :D
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2004-06-03 17:12:37  -  Re: Jacina's Sash
Gama wrote:
"Sure, I can come with amag... let me guess... kiting the adds that should come with the arti mob? :P"
Yes :P

2004-06-05 09:02:58  -  Re: Jacina's Sash
I just knew I should have made a supp rm too :)

Good luck on the raid.

2004-06-05 10:46:39  -  Re: Jacina's Sash
Runemasters have a bit of a problem lately, regardless of spec they don't really fit in any FotM Emain gank group currently. That leaves them for keep defense and keeptakes, in which case GTAE is pretty nice :)

2004-06-05 13:17:59  -  Re: Jacina's Sash
Mainly why Tao's secondary spec is RC not darkness. ^_^

In any case, I don't mind coming along with Tao though seeing as i've soloed my way from 42-43 I don't think i'll be doing much more soloing. Not without going crazy(er) anyway. Maybe a few cash/scroll farming hunts w/ me in tow :)

2004-06-06 08:33:55  -  Re: Jacina's Sash
Sure i'll join with what char is needed when u do this and see what class u are lacking, i highly doubt Ketor will join tho since hes having a period of "I'm-so-damn-sick-at-DAoC" atm ;p

2004-06-07 05:35:47  -  Re: Jacina's Sash
who is this cyrek?????
he sounds nice and gentle why do we have to kill him?? ;)
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2004-06-07 11:39:15  -  Re: Jacina's Sash
Cus he has our preciouss, and we wantssssss it :p

2004-06-08 15:43:32  -  Re: Jacina's Sash
maby i cane come if u pick a date .. then i cud see as it seams atm im home becose of my foot damage ..( so i cane make it som times ... i cane come with reamo high pac healer (red pom) if needed but give me a tell and btw that sash looks leet ...!

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2004-06-25 22:09:54  -  Re: Jacina's Sash
sure i can come with grinna.. (is it already done) this seems to have to been a post that was started long ago:)

I can drag along bovta as an inactive shaman.. maybe he doesnt count as one of the 2-3 shamans we need, but anyways, he can prolly help something:)

As I've said before i cant join the next week.. and the 6th of juli is TG raid!!:) read my post.. but.. count me in:)