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Thread started by Jerelyn New Messages  

2004-05-21 12:51:12  -  Housenumbers?
ok guys, this thread is for you to post your housenumber and wether you have a conny or not :)

Ambush' Villa: lot #1691, Uldale Consigment Merchant

Lagspikes' Cottage: lot #1696, Alesund Consigment Merchant


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2004-05-22 21:23:39  -  Re: Housenumbers?
Gama's Cottage... 1728 if memory serves... 20 seconds east of erikstaad market, anyway :P

[edit] yes to the conny
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2004-05-23 00:57:54  -  Re: Housenumbers?
#1690, and of course I have a CM, that's one of the most important reasons I have a house in the first place :)

2004-05-27 20:30:53  -  Re: Housenumbers?
#1803, still under construction but come vist. It'll look decent eventually :)

2004-05-30 09:24:58  -  Re: Housenumbers?
#2151 - My own house! (well.. cottage, but its a house to me!)

CM, a nice garden and a kingsize bed inside ;)
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2004-05-31 23:05:01  -  Re: Housenumbers?
2088 - yes a CM:)

2004-06-01 11:13:33  -  Re: Housenumbers?
#2164 - with CM
And yes its mine, allthough Falldorn tend to use up all the space. But like I care .. only I have persmission to withdraw the gold ;)

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2004-06-03 22:00:07  -  Re: Housenumbers?
Upgraded to a House today (200g in rent a week O_o) - CM is still intact, i'm now holding host to an upper-tier classic materials merchent (+forge) and an SC merchent (+Table)

Feel free to stop buy and craft in the coolest place in town :D

2004-06-12 15:05:07  -  Re: Housenumbers?
Just got myself a small little cottage...small, but cute ^^

Got CM and its located in Falun in Arothi #2303
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2004-06-16 19:58:55  -  Re: Housenumbers?
Reamo here my hut is at lot: 2187

feal free to visit ...
and i du have a con merc to ..)

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2004-09-28 23:25:00  -  Re: Housenumbers?
My house is in Skien, Frisia. Number 2586. Got a consigner but not much on it at the moment :)

2004-10-05 07:11:27  -  Re: Housenumbers?
2214 if i remember correkt anf thor is as wellcome as ever=) oh btw we want workable chess boards=)grafical that is ...nag thor nag like u never nagged before=)
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2004-10-08 02:25:30  -  Re: Housenumbers?
I'm the proud new owner of #1692 in uldale, the damn lot cost me 400g! Now I'm broke again :(

/edit with CM ofc
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2004-11-03 08:21:46  -  Re: Housenumbers?
2488, Frisia (S of the market place)
CM/Vault/Dye Merchant (Hate having to run miles just to use one... gargh)
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2004-11-03 22:56:43  -  Re: Housenumbers?
2310 in Arothi, with CM :)

2005-07-04 19:09:42  -  Re: Housenumbers?
2109 in wyndham. with CM. :D