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2006-02-01 15:14:49  -  Darkness Rising
What is Darkness Rising?
Darkness Rising (DR) is the next expansion for DAOC.

DAOC -> SI -> Housing -> TOA -> NF -> Catacombs -> DR

When will it be released?
It's already out on the US servers; we get it in the EU probably beginning of 2006. (It's already on the internal test servers).

How much is it?
Around £15 in the UK

Do I have to get it?
No, but you won't benefit from any of the new features/abilites unless you do!

Is there a new client?
No, it uses previous clients, and if downloaded is approximately 650mb on top of the Catacombs client.

Will my current UI work?
If it's updated for Darkness Rising it will. There are a few new windows, horse/mount window, CL selection window etc. Without an updated UI you'll be missing various features (although you can of course use the interfaces built-in to replace missing windows).

So, what's new?
-Champion Levels
-Champion Weapons
-New epic armours
-New city and town graphics
-New Darkness Falls graphics/atmosphere
-Lots of new features that come with the patches 1.80 and 1.81 (in testing).
-Ability to equip weapons on any class (CL3)
-A few new instances for the Champion quests, and one(I think) zone(although this may not be open to those under a certain CL level.)

Champion Levels? WTF are they?!
Champion levels (let's call them CLs) are a series of 5 'bonus' levels you can get on any char. They are similar to MLs, but much easier to get; you can do them very quickly, or just carry on RVRing and you'll gain them eventually.

What abilities do I get each level?
You gain 1 CL 'spec point' each level (total of 5). These spec points allow you access to a variety of low-level base abilities. You get these by talking to the base trainers (acolyte trainer, fighter trainer etc) and speccing as you wish. You can spec in lots of things; heals, dots, DDs, styles etc...but to get the higher level ones, you have to spec in the lower ones too.

Additionally, there are little perks to getting CLs. Clerics can wield slash/thrust weapons for example, and spec in certain styles - nice addition to a class that is otherwise boring in melee!

At CL3 all classes get the ability to(if they can't already) wield a shield and a 1h weapon.
This means you can benefit from the 5% base block from having a shield equipped.
Focus cannot be put on shields. However, for classes such as vamps, it helps loads.

The spells are low level; ie the heals will probably do around 100hp a time, buffs are about the lowest cleric spec buffs you can get, etc etc. They are designed to add interest to 'boring' classes; ie a merc can now low-level buff itself if specced with the acolyte trainer!

So, how do I get these CLs?
-Talk to the King in Camelot. He will embark you on your CLs (bit like the Arbiter for MLs).
-There are no encounters for CLs. You get them by xping - simple. Either in PVE, RVR, or by doing quests or helping other people on CQs (champion quests).

Champion quests?!
There are quests designed to help you gain the first few CLs quickly. These are instances, so you can do them solo, or in a full group if you wish - the difficulty of mobs scales to your level. Doing all 3 CQs will give you about 2.5 CLs. Once you've done them, you can help others doing them and gain CL xp credit. Or, as I said before, you can just go PVE or RVR.

So, I can just talk to King once then go RVR to get the levels?
Yes, easy peasy. Slower than doing it PVE, but it still works for lazy Swedish people.

Can I respec CLs?
Yes, stones are available to purchase.

What are the Champion weapons?
At CL3 you will gain access to champion weapons for your class. There are versions available for all spec types for every class in the game. You pick these up (free) from the Royal weaponmaster in the King's throneroom. These have tasty stats (will post link later) and some nice charges/procs. Once you ding CL5, you can then add an additional proc to the weapon (you have a choice) from an NPC also in the throne room.

What if I change spec?
You can change your champion level as many times as you want without having to do any more xping. Weapons never die; they will last forever just like artifacts.

How do horses work?
Basic horses are available for 250g to everyone upon attaining a certain level (35).
Basic horses cannot be used in RvR and move slower than "DR" horses.

Horses are faster than walk speed. When you enter combat or have CC cast on you, your horse automatically disappears.

What about other horses?
Every CL you ding, you get access to different Advanced Mounts.

When you first enter the kings chamber, you can purchase a 1p horse, this can be used in RvR and travels faster than the lvl 35 basic horse.
All horses apart from the level 35 one move at the same speed.

At CL5 you can access "special" horses. This have a different look about them, ie, are on fire, are undead etc. These, and the rainbow unicorn of doom cost 15p to buy, and you must also comlete a short quest to use them.

What do the expensive horses do that the lvl 35 basic one doesnt?
They move faster and look pretty. You can also add armour/saddlebags to your horse etc.

What's different in DF?
Darkness falls mobs now have better drops; Legion and Princes all drop stat cap items equivalent to TOA/Catacombs. The entire DF atmosphere has been re-vamped and I have to say it is VERY nice.

Epic armour - do I have to redo my epics?!
The epic quests are separate to current epics. If you've already done your epic, you can commence the epics from the lvl 30 step, however, you do miss out on some really fun steps. They arn't the old horse fests of old! Unlike the old epics, the final step is at lvl 45, meaning you have some nice armour to get your final 5 levels in. The quests are pretty easy, and the epic armours have tasty stats on them - very nice for new templates.

Are there any new zones other than the instances for CQ's?
For the start of CQ3 there is a zone that isn't instanced, however, i'm not sure if you can enter if you're not on CQ3.

So what else does DR give me
You're hits and power pool raise, as you move up CL's, although not a huge amount!

So, when I get my copy, what should I be doing first?
This is what I'm going to do on my main chars:

-Talk to the King to embark on CLs.
-Get basic horse
-Do CQ1-3 in groups.
-Make XP groups to get to CL5.
-Spec my CL abilities
-Choose champion weapon
-Do epic quest

Or, if you are particularly lazy or not interested:

-Talk to the King to embark on CLs.
-Choose champion weapon (when you ding CL3)
-Spec CL abilities
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2006-02-27 23:15:20  -  Re: Darkness Rising
Yay, more crap to do in order to compete in RVR. Great move, Mythic !

I wonder how many hours people waste to gear ONE class up for RVR these days :-P

Play more RTS games tbh
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2006-08-15 09:32:09  -  Re: Darkness Rising
not that long if u play the classic servers , u can probs have a toon up and running in about 3-4 weeks

how much time do u have to dedicate to get ur WoW toon up and running for RvR?? =P=P
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