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Thread started by Jerelyn New Messages  

2005-08-29 23:33:25  -  Tenth Legion and Tiwaz's Emissaries hunt
Some time ago i was joining a Tenth Legion guild hunt in volcanus.
I had a great time with the fine people, and i agreed with their Guild Master to put up a thread on our forums to discuss the possibilities of having a guild hunt together.

There are many different things to hunt in DAoC nowadays..
To put up a few:

*Realm points
*Epic dungeons
*Epic mobs

What i want from this thread, is everyone from both guilds being able to come up with ideas of what to hunt.
Also throwing out dates would be appreaciated as we ofcourse want as many as possible from both guilds to attend this guildfriend event :)

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2005-08-31 03:37:29  -  Re: Tenth Legion and Tiwaz's Emissaries hunt
Much better raids in WoW.

Come join everyone! ^^
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2005-08-31 11:26:28  -  Re: Tenth Legion and Tiwaz's Emissaries hunt
WoW bored me, especially the PvP :p

I will join in the hunt with Tenth Legion whatever we do, if I'm available. Once I've started to find my feet in the game again, I may even try to run some raids ;)