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New Messages The Table
Come eat, there is plenty of food, in the corner there is also a hearty fire. Chat and drink mead!
3479 2019-10-05 19:50:51
New Messages The High Table
The officers can fight freely here.
309 2005-06-28 02:59:57
New Messages The Weary Traveller's Inn
Welcome, here, take this cloak, is the wind that bad? Come, get some mead, and sit by the fire. There is no fighting permitted 'ere though.
2011 2010-03-05 08:22:43
New Messages Help & Templates
Post here if you need help with a template, if you're looking for an item, or if you have items to offer that you don't want to place in our guild vault.
396 2005-07-17 23:30:54
New Messages Hunts & Raids
Sign up for organised hunts and announce any planned raids here.
694 2004-12-05 20:13:15 Archeon
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